FlexCell Grid Control 6.2.1

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FlexCell Grid Control will help you create the professional user interfaces and report form in your software. FlexCell Grid Control provides comprehensive functions such as Print, Print Preview, Chart, Merge Cell, Virtual Grid, Sort, Import (from) and Export (to) XML, Export to Excel Workbook (no need of Excel runtime support), etc.

FlexCell Grid Control provides 6 cell types and 9 programming objects. FlexCell Grid Control supports standard Microsoft Windows ActiveX interface, it can be used in your applications coded in Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Visual C++, VB.net, C#, etc. Here are some key features of "FlexCell Grid Control":

· FlexCell provides comprehensive functions, such as exporting to XML, HTML and Excel workbook (no need of Excel runtime support), importing from XML, printing, preview, sorting, charting, cell merging, virtual grids, etc.
· You can print the grid with a single statement. You have complete control over paper orientation, margins, page breaks, report titles, header text, and footer text, or show a dialog box to let the user select and set up the printer. Title rows allow you to add repeating header rows to each page.
· FlexCell provides 11 classes: Cell, Chart, Column, ComboBox, Images, PageBreak, PageSetup, Range, ReportTitle, Row and Selection. The Excel-like object model make the process more efficient!
· Input templates can be specified to automatically control and validate text input, minimize data entry errors. FlexCell provides following input templates: None, Letter, Upper, Lower, Digital and Numeric.
· Use simple text editing, drop-down lists, date pickers, check boxes, cell buttons, masks, and advanced data validation to control the editing process. For example, you can use an input mask to provide a template that automatically validates data as your users type, or choose to prevent users from editing specific columns altogether.
· Use the grid in bound mode, where it displays data from an ADO.NET data source, or in unbound mode, where the grid itself manages the data. You're in charge: create a virtual grid, bind the grid to existing data structures, use calculated "virtual" fields, perform data validation, or load data on demand.
· You can create multiple types of chart in the grid: ColumnClustered, Line, Pie, 3DColumnClustered, 3DLine and 3DPie.
· Merge contiguous cells, making them span multiple rows or columns freely. Cell merging can be used to create merged table headers, merged data views.
· The grid content can be copied, cut and pasted freely, and the text can be copied and pasted mutually between FlexCell and other software such as Excel, Notepad, etc.
· FlexCell includes a complete set of VB6, VB.NET, C# sample code and help file, helping you to learn the usage of this control quickly.

· 15 days trial
· "Unregistered" shall be stamped on the print preview page
· You can only print the first page What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added interleaved 2 of 5 barcode type.