Time Clock MTS 4.0.1

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Time Clock MTS is a useful and reliable application which enables you to use a PC to record and report on employee work hours.

It completely replaces manual time card machines or your hand written time and attendance records. It also eliminates the need for you to spend hours each week compiling your manual systems into a report to supply to your payroll department.

Time Clock MTS provides LIVE payroll reports generated in just moments that are accurate to the second.

Using Time Clock MTS in preference to a manual system will immediately save your accountant or bookkeeper up to 5 minutes per employee per week. In addition it will produce payroll reports that suit your payroll rules and are accurate and timely.

You will be able to track your time and attendance information in real time and see the real cost of running your operation by department and by shift.

Time Clock MTS produces a number of different reports to help you manage your business more accurately. Data is able to be exported to several formats. This makes generating your own Excel reports or text reports a breeze. You can even make use of the Microsoft Access report builder on the Time Clock MTS database to build completely custom reports of your own design.
Here are some key features of "Time Clock MTS":

· Employee list clock in/out screen. Employees can select themselves from a list and then clicking Clock In/Out buttons.
· Quick find tool to find employees in long lists list.
· Keypad screen requiring entry of Employee Badge number.
· Keypad screen is useable on touch screens.
· Keypad screen is compatible with barcode readers or magnetic card readers. You can encode a barcode or magnetic card with Time Clock MTS badge numbers and have employees clock in and out in a very short time.
· Can require entry of a PIN number to prevent employees clocking in/out for each other.
· Can require employees to enter comment on clock in or out (or both).
· Employee list and keypad interface available in both administrator and client versions of the software.
· Enter job codes quickly and easily using a touchscreen compatible keypad screen.
· Switch jobs easily without needing to clock out first.
· Employee PINs can prevent employees abusing the time clock system by clocking in and out for each other
· Require Administrator Password on program start or stop (or both) to stop employees stopping the program and changing the system clock
· Use an attached camera to capture images on employee clock in or out and then review images to help prevent buddy punching
· Synchronize times with internet time servers to eliminate manipulation of system time
· Password protect Time Clock MTS database to prevent manual editing of data
· Monitor the PC clock to prevent the system clock being changed
· Weekly Overtime limit and rate
· Overtime can be calculated on daily, weekly, or total of weekly and daily basis
· Hourly and Salaried employees
· Use fiscal year or employment year as a basis for calculations
· Force time to be paid as overtime
· Force time to be neglected from overtime calculations
· Can define shifts and a shift loading
· Can define holidays
· Holidays can be credited to employee wages
· Holidays can affect overtime calculations
· Allowance for automatic break deductions
· Allowance for minute, 6 minute, 15 minute, or 30 minute time rounding for reporting purposes.
· Least time calculations, clock ins can always be rounded up and clock outs rounded down.
· Vacation Accruals
· Sick Time Accruals
· Payroll summary report showing normal hours, weekly overtime hours, daily overtime hours, gross salary and holiday hours
· Wages summary report showing a line by line summary of hours worked and wages payable for each employee
· Departmental wages report showing a breakdown of wages by department.
· Job time report showing time booked to jobs on an employee by employee basis.
· All reports can be run for one or many employees
· All reports can be run by shift or department
· All reports can be run by employment type
· Track direct tips, credit and debit card tips, and tips paid out to others.
· Employees and the time clock administrator can view a live tip diary over any time period.
· View and print out a tip diary (similar to IRS Form 4070A).
· View and print out a tip diary summary (similar to IRS Form 4070).
· Tip data entry protected by the usual Time Clock MTS security measures (finger scanning or PIN entry).
· Configuration
· Comprehensive employee database including contact details, next of kin information and employment type (tax type or custom types)
· Define unlimited shifts and loadings and associate employees to shifts
· Define unlimited departments and associate employees to departments
· Define unlimited holidays
· Storing of data on backed up network drive is possible
· Can control what information employees can and cannot see
· Encrypted database password and employee PINs.

· 30 days trial
· 30 clients
· 3 employees
· Nag screen What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· New setting to prevent department folders from being closed
· New setting to stop last clock in information displaying when employee is selected in the employee list
· New setting to hide the last employee action 5 seconds after they clock in or out
· Added the Import Employees screen under the Employee Maintenance menu. Allows bulk importation of employees from an Excel spreadsheet
· Added background color to employee display
· Added "Do Not Pay Overtime" setting to employees. When set that employee will not get paid overtime regardless of other OT settings
· Added a time spent on all jobs total to the Job Time Report
· The find employee text box at the bottom of the employee list can now take a wildcard to allow you to search for employees names containing a text string. Previously you could only search for employees by leading characters of their name
· Added Tools->Time Off Requests Screen. Allows the administrator manage and approve time off requests
· Added system to create clock in / o...